And so it begins…All about Sweepstakes – Volume 1

By:  Arrowhead Promotion & Fulfillment, Jan 30, 2014        1350178

Welcome to my blog “All about Sweepstakes ”  Over the coming months I’ll post stories and perspectives  about sweepstakes, games and contests;  best practices, trends and learnings about  how these popular tactics support branding, marketing and sales efforts.  My goal is to create a forum to share information and learnings about sweepstakes and their suitability given the changing marketing landscape.

A little about me…. I’m grounded by a balance of left-brain and right-brain thinking.  If you’re not familiar with this concept, our brains are divided into two hemispheres, left and right….The left hemisphere is analytical, sequential, logical and process focused; the right hemisphere is intuitive, non-linear, creative and holistic….We all normally engage both sides of our brains, but generally one side (left or right) tends to be more dominant in shaping our views and how we process things.

An excellent book on this subject (I highly recommend) is “A Whole New Mind” by, Daniel Pink.  It provides good perspective on how we think.  And with rapid changes in the world because of technology advancements, changing social norms and globalization (more than ever, we live in a world society); it provides some really good reasons for a shifting to more right-brain thinking (creative, non-linear, holistic,) to be successful today and in the future.

Over the past couple decades I’ve developed a keen interest and a fairly deep knowledge of promotion marketing and specifically sweepstakes, games and contests.   As VP, Sweeps & Games at Arrowhead my role is to grow this area of our business and ensure the sweepstakes we support engage and operate to meet our clients’ goals.   I have been fortunate to work with many truly talented people from leading brands, agencies and industry experts.    I have supported sweepstakes for iconic brands, as well as mid-size and smaller brands across industries and geographies.  I have seen firsthand what it takes to deliver a highly successful sweepstakes and what happens when things don’t operate so well.  My perspective continues to evolve every day for how to best design, structure and administer promotions that engage, are legally compliant and minimize risk.

I believe creating successful sweepstakes is a balance of art and science (right-brain and left-brain).  It’s about connecting at an emotional level to activate interest and behavior; and having effective practices in-place to ensure promotions operate according to plan.

As I write this blog from my office near Minneapolis, we’re deep in a polar vortex….  Today it’s -15°F with wind chills ranging from -22° to – 40°F.  It’s bitterly cold and most schools are closed.   I can’t remember a time when it’s been this cold!   My attention is drawn to a Facebook sweepstakes …the headline reads “Enter Now for your Chance to Win a Tropical Getaway to Aruba, Jamaica or Hawaii”.   This sponsor’s timing is right on!  They absolutely got my attention big time especially today!

When done well, sweepstakes have a way of appealing to us on many different levels.  They are great tools to create buzz, reinforce key brand messaging and activate behavior.   Most importantly they are fun!  (After all who doesn’t need a little fun in their life?)

Thanks for reading and stay tuned …..




2 thoughts on “And so it begins…All about Sweepstakes – Volume 1

  1. Robert, I am so excited about this and I look forward to you sharing your expertise in this space with anyone who wants to use Sweepstakes as a means to build their brands.

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