Game on……… All about Sweepstakes – Vol. 2

By: Arrowhead Promotion & Fulfillment, Feb 7, 2014     1350178


It’s a balmy 1°F here today, feels more like -15° F with wind chill.  One of our local weather celebrities says this is the 37th night with sub-zero lows.  I don’t know about you, but this is getting really old.

The Super Bowl is over … we’re well on our way into 2014 and spring is just around the corner (at least we hope).   Here at Arrowhead I can feel the energy and a growing momentum building.  We’re excited and humbled by all of the great clients we’re so fortunate to be able to support and work with every day.

For me, life is a work in process. What I have learned is being open to change, new ways of thinking and being flexible is critical to who I am and how I contribute personally and professionally.

In the book “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” (Richard Carlson) offers some good advice on life in general.  Chapter 65: “Be Flexible with Changes to your Plans”. Being flexible and open to change is easy to talk about, harder to actually do.  The changing world landscape, technology growth and changing social norms affect us and what we do every day.  It’s more important than ever to be flexible, open to change and possibilities that brings as often things happen when you least expect.

What has any of this got to do with Sweepstakes and Contests?  Quite a bit actually….

The Super Bowl — SONOS Wireless HiFi and Spotify

On Friday just before Super Bowl Sunday, Spotify called for our help to launch a 1 day Twitter Sweepstakes to run on Super Bowl Sunday.  SONOS Wireless HiFi an emerging maker of wireless sound systems, would run a commercial spot during the Super Bowl and wanted to use this opportunity to reach and engage  an audiences interested in their brand through social media channels.

Initially we thought….you want to do what?  Develop, test and launch a program in 1 day?  Normally it takes weeks or months.  Our challenge was to connect all the dots in 1 day…..  And be ready to launch Super Bowl Sunday.

The sweepstakes must be legal, to comply with sweepstakes regulations, NFL licensing terms and Twitter guidelines and minimize risk for all parties.  We needed a tested API technology ready to link with Twitter, to retrieve eligible sweepstakes entries from Twitter feeds, and select and validate winners.

Fortunately we had created a program that would adapt well with only minor refinements.  In general, we like to build modular technologies that can be adapted for client needs.

We were able to deliver and the sweepstakes launched as planned Super Bowl Sunday.   Early feedback on the program from our client is very good.  Everything worked according to plan!


Why Twitter made sense for this sweepstakes
Source:  Civic Science Report, Jan 2014; Pew Research Report, Dec 2013

> Twitter users have an affinity to emerging technology and brands like SONOS Wireless HiFi (see Fig 1 below).
> 40% of Twitter users describe themselves as early adopters, compared to just 23% of non-users.
> 57% of Twitter users closely follow trends in music, compared to only 30% of non-users.
> Spotify has a growing audience engaged through Twitter that are music lovers with affinity to emerging technology.
> Twitter users are more likely to closely follow every major U.S. sports league.

table 2

When done well, sweepstakes are great tools to create buzz, reinforce key brand messaging and activate behavior.   The changing world landscape and  technology growth and social norms  affects  what we do every day, It’s more important than ever to be flexible and open to change and possibilities as often things happen when you least expect.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned….



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