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Every minute of the day, more data, more choices all compete for our attention.

DataOverload 3_11_14


The real-time, big data organizers at DOMO just released this info graphic, and it’s another head-spinning example of just how rapidly evolving, fragmented, and distracted the marketplace has become.

 It’s overwhelming to say the least, we are becoming skilled at filtering out what doesn’t appeal or interest us. It’s more critical than ever for brands vying for our attention to be nimble, authentic, amazing, outrageous, or compelling in some relevant manner. suggests that brands that embody the values of today’s consumers; storied, responsive, accessible, sustainable, and ethical will be the brands that succeed.  With the sheer volume of innovation in every sector there are a host of new and relevant solutions competing with established brands.

When done well Sweepstakes, Games and Contests can be powerful and engaging tactics to help:

  • Showcase a brand,  drive attention and break through clutter,
  • Reinforce, extend and enhance brand values,
  • Drive customer engagement and foster brand advocates,
  • Drive traffic, digital, social, mobile, retail and events,
  • Create buzz and promote innovation and viral activity (word or mouth),
  • Support in-store/ e-commerce merchandising and sales strategies,
  • Create high impact with a limited budget.

I am often asked what are the most effective prizes and prize structure to offer for sweepstakes and contests.   …And are there trends or data to support what types of prizes to offer.  Or what level of participation can we expect based on offering a particular prize or assortment of prizes.

Unfortunately there is not an easy answer or a formula to create the most effective prize structure…. Rather it is more aptly addressed based on a collective host of factors including but not limited to the market situation, audience dynamics, the brand promoted, how to best leverage rapidly changing market conditions, technologies, social outlets among other things to best engage your audience.

The power of Sweepstakes and Contests as an effective promotional vehicle is in its ability to create an emotional connection, focus interest and drive engagement.   A relevant prize structure is important and often a key but its only one dimension in creating an effective, engaging campaign.   When asked to advise on a program and its prize structure, I take a holistic view of the program in terms of its purpose, how it relates to its audience and relevance to the brand priorities and values.    Legal compliance and risk management are critical factors as well as the operational logistics involved.

Food for thought from…



Here are two promotion examples (a Sweepstakes and a Contest) of brands engaging their audience in a relevant, fun and innovative manner. Both examples work to appeal to its audience, create an emotional connection and drive engagement with the brand.

Spotify Twitter Sweepstakes – Leveraging Spring Break 2014 to Drive Engagement

SpotifySpringBreakTwitter Sweeps 3_11_14

March 22, Spotify’s is heading down to Panama City Beach, FL to soundtrack Spring Break. If you’re going to be there, say hi to the Spotify Team who’ll be DJing at the Summit Beach Resort, giving away cool prizes on the beach and setting up VIP booths at the concerts for artist meet and greets.

Whether you’re there or not add your song to the “People’s Playlist of Spring Break” and enter for the chance to win a VIP package for 2 to the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival! To enter, just Tweet your favorite song on Spotify and #SpringBreak*

Be safe and have fun!

Heineken Twitter Contest – Leveraging Tribeca Film Festival with an Innovative Invitation and Challenge

 HeinekenTwitterContest 3_10_14

Heineken, the official beer sponsor of Tribeca Film Festival, is encouraging film lovers to take the idea of “15 minutes of fame” to the next level. Contest participants tweet (#15secondpremiere) their film pitch for a 15-second short to premiere at a private event during Tribeca Film Festival 2014.

One lucky winner will be thrust into the limelight at Tribeca Film Festival to serve as the face of the film and to introduce the 140-character screenplay and the 15-second short to an audience that includes industry professionals and the media.

Food for thought….

The power of Sweepstakes and Contests as promotional vehicles is in their ability to create an emotional connection, drive interest and engagement.  Prizes are important but only one dimension in developing an effective, engaging campaign.

 I invite your comments and input on this material.  Also, feel free to share with friends and colleagues that have an interest.

Thanks for reading and for your interest!



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