All about Sweepstakes – Vol. 7 – Popular Tactics?

Posted by: Arrowhead Promotion and Fulfillment, Mar 21, 2014  1350178

Here’s a question for you….Are sweepstakes  still relevant and effective in today’s rapidly evolving, fragmented marketplace?  Why or why not?

Sweepsand contest google final

I did a Google search for keywords “sweepstakes and contests” and in 0.35 seconds, 33,900,000 results appeared.  Not empirical data but quite interesting nonetheless.

In my view, there is something very human and emotionally appealing about the idea of Winning a Prize.

Historical perspective…

Sweepstakes and lotteries can be traced back more than a thousand years.   There is evidence of chance and skill games going back as far as 2300 BC in China, Japan, Greece, Italy and Egypt.  Dice have been found in Egyptian tombs.

In the 18th century, the British helped fund the development of the American colonies with proceeds from lottery programs.  A lottery helped fund the American Revolution paving the way for what is the United States.

Today lotteries operate in 37 states and Washington DC.  Gambling casinos are in 11 states representing more than $22 billion in revenue.

Because of their popularity and risk for potential for abuse, sweepstakes are heavily regulated in the US at the federal, state and local level and globally.

Food for thought…

Today more than ever sweepstakes and contests when done well can be a compelling, relevant and cost effective, to connect with and engage your audience.

It’s more critical than ever for brands vying for our attention to be nimble, authentic, amazing, outrageous, or compelling in some relevant manner.

I welcome your comments.

Thanks for reading and for your interest!



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