All about Sweepstakes – Vol. 8 – Things to consider

Posted by: Arrowhead Promotion and Fulfillment Mar 31, 2014     1350178

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Today more than ever brands have more choices and challenges connect and to be relevant.  The landscape is rapidly changing and it’s more important than ever for brands to be authentic in ways that engage, drive sales and loyalty.

Sweepstakes and contests can effective standalone tactics or part of a larger marketing initiative to focus attention, promote a conversation and engage an audience among other things.

When I work with a client on a sweepstakes, game or contest, I like to consider four key areas:

Brand strategy and priorties

What is the purpose of the sweepstakes or contest?

  1. How does the promotion reinforce and support the brand priorities?
  2. What constraints are in-place (budgetary and otherwise) to help define scope?
  3. What outcomes and key measures determine success?

Optimize audience engagement

How does the sweepstakes work (requirements, process),  is it intuitive and user friendly?

  1. Does it make sense from an audience perspective, will they get it?
  2. How is the promotion relevant, authentic and appealing to the audience?
  3. How well does the promotion resonate and connect emotionally with the audience?

 Legal compliance

 Does the promotion comply with applicable federal, state and local regulations governing sweepstakes and contests?

  1. Are the promotion rules, disclosures, terms and privacy policies clearly disclosed, complete and readily available?
  2. Do the rules include disclosures to comply with social media guidelines?
  3. Do the rules protect all parties;  sponsor, participants and other involved parties on relavant topics including but not limited to  Intellectual property rights, trade and copyrights and other relevant associations?

Risk management and program delivery

 What are the logistics, quality standards and supporting documentation to ensure promotion executes according to plan.

  1. What are the escalation and communication policies/ guidelines to address promotion issues and events occuring before/during and after the promotion.
  2. How will PR and other related matters that could negatively impact the brand  be managed.
  3. What key learnings can be retained organizationally to improve and leverage promotion efficiencies going forward.

Food for thought…

Today more than ever sweepstakes and contests when done well can be a compelling, relevant and cost effective.  It’s more critical than ever for brands be nimble, authentic, amazing, outrageous, and compelling in some relevant manner.

I welcome your comments.

Thanks for reading and for your interest!



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