All about Sweepstakes – Vol. 9 – YouTube Contest Guidelines

Posted by: Arrowhead Promotion &Fulfillment April 14, 2014   1350178 YouTube 4_14_14 When promoting a contest on YouTube the following policies and guidelines apply.  Note YouTube only permits skill contests.  Sweepstakes and games are not allowed. YouTube Contest Policies and Guidelines All contests run on YouTube or which use YouTube are subject to the below rules. Your contest cannot be run or conducted in a way which conflicts with YouTube’s Privacy Policy, Terms of Service or Community Guidelines. I. General Restrictions and Requirements:

  1. You are solely responsible for your contest.
  2. Your contest on YouTube must comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations in the jurisdiction(s) where your contest is offered or promoted.
  3. Your contest cannot infringe upon or encourage the infringement of any third party rights or the participation in any unlawful activity.
  4. Your contest may only accept entries from users aged 18 and up, or, the age of majority in the jurisdiction(s) where your contest is offered or promoted if it is over 18.
  5. You cannot ask the user to give all rights for, or transfer the ownership of, their entry to you.
  6. Your contest must be free to enter.
  7. Your contest must be a game of skill where the winner is determined by a set of clear judging criteria.
  8. You may not utilize channel functions, such as video likes or view counts, to conduct your contest.
  9. You may only use any data collected from entrants for contest administration purposes and cannot re-use the data for marketing purposes (even if the user has expressly opted-in to that use).
  10. You cannot use the YouTube embedded player or YouTube API to run a contest offsite.

II. Your Official Rules:

  1. You must have a set of “Official Rules” which:
  • include links to the YouTube Terms of Service and Community Guidelines and indicate entries which don’t comply will be disqualified.
  • state all disclosures required by all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations in all jurisdictions in which your contest is offered or                         promoted.
  • are wholly compliant and consistent with the YouTube Terms of Service.
  1. Your contest must be conducted, and all prizes awarded as outlined in your rules.
  2. You are responsible for your rules and all aspects of your contest administration.
  3. Your rules must clearly state that YouTube is not a sponsor of your contest and ask users to release YouTube from all liability related to your contest.
  4. You must include a legally compliant privacy notice in your Official Rules which explains how you will use any personal data you collect for the contest and adhere to that use.

Food for thought… Today more than ever sweepstakes and contests when done well can be a compelling, relevant and cost effective.  It’s more critical than ever for brands be nimble, authentic, amazing, outrageous, and compelling in some relevant manner. I welcome your comments. Thanks for reading and for your interest! 



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